Our second field trip with CYA was up north to the ancient site of Delphi. We left Athens on Friday morning and took a bus to the Ossios Loukas Monastery. The monastery continues to function with four monks currently in residence and its building are fine examples of Byzantine architecture. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the monastery is extremely well kept. We ate a picnic lunch looking out at a view of mountains and farmland down below.

On our way to Delphi again, it unfortunately began to rain on us. As a result, we decided to postpone our visit to the Delphi low archaeological site until Saturday. With essentially the entire afternoon and evening free, we got to walk around the town and nearby areas. The town of Delphi is tiny but we managed to find a delicious restaurant for dinner with other students and our professors. Wild boar, zucchini balls, fried potatoes, and grilled cheese (not the sandwich…) were on the menu as we did our usual Greek style dinner of sharing each small plate.

Thankfully Saturday was full of sunshine allowing us to fully enjoy the archeological site. We started at the very bottom working our way all the way to the top of the site in order to view the stadium. Delphi is a gorgeous site with wonderful restoration work and breathtaking views. The most picturesque point of course being at the top of the theater looking down upon the Temple of Apollo where the oracle would have been located.

After touring the site we finished up at the Delphi museum where we viewed all the sculptures found on the site. Most notable to many was a bronze statue of a chariot rider that was so detailed you could see the eyelashes of the man. Overall, the Delphi trip was short and sweet providing beautiful views and a peak into the ancient Greek world.



Author: awellesleyodyssey

Graduate of Wellesley College '17, currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation @ PennDesign

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