Barcelona (Day 3)

Unfortunately, this was the day I left my phone at the hotel after checking out of our rooms and moving our stuff into another room for safe-keeping while we walked around all day. Day three in Barcelona was all about walking as we did a morning tour of the “El Born” neighborhood. We stopped in a Cathedral and meandered around this picturesque neighborhood with all of its cafes and restaurants that were just starting to open up on a lazy Sunday morning. My favorite part of the day was visiting the Picasso Museum. Compromising more than 4,300 works, this museum’s collection was huge. The museum organizes his works chronologically, allowing you to see sketches from his early years and works from all different periods of his life. Some of my favorites included the small study paintings and drawings he completed during his academic training. I also enjoyed seeing the works he completed while staying in Barcelona in 1917. While I am sure Barcelona looked much different back then, it was interesting to see his take on the city’s aesthetics. The largest part of the museum is dedicated to Picasso’s interpretation of Velazquez’s Mas Meninas. In three different rooms you could view all his studies and completed works related to this subject. We ended our afternoon in Barcelona by walking to the waterfront and watching all the people, dogs, and boats.

Overall, I enjoyed our weekend trip to Barcelona. The city has wonderful examples of all style of architecture from the older Spanish Gothic to Gaudi’s Modernismo. I appreciated all the delicious food, scenery, and our wonderful tour guide Juana. While Barcelona is a growing city, it does not grow for the locals but rather for tourism. This is the only reason projects such as the Sagrada Familia continue, but it is also the only reason WHY they have the financing to continue. With the steep admission they pay, it is Barcelona’s visitors that fund the completion of this project. The cycle of tourism revenue and increased development keeps Barcelona’s economy running smoothly.

Barcelona is a beautiful city with much to offer for any visitor, but I am glad that I chose to make Athens my home for the semester.



Author: awellesleyodyssey

Graduate of Wellesley College '17, currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation @ PennDesign

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