The Peloponnese

Our program trip to the Peloponnese was a five day excursion to multiple ancient sites, delightful cities, and beautiful scenery. We were split into two different buses and then placed with a specific teacher with students studying similar subjects. Every night we got to stay in lovely hotels with the best breakfasts and spend the days outside thanks to the wonderful weather we had all week. Saying that this field trip beat our usual class attending weekdays would certainly be an understatement, but again I think we all appreciated returning home to Athena after such a long journey across this section of Greece.

Here is a list of sites that we visited:

  • Corinth-Isthmos canal that separates the Peloponnese from mainland Greece
  • Mycenae home of Agamemnon and the Lions Gate (probably my favorite places we visited)
  • Tiryns another Mycenaean period fortification near Mycenae
  • Nauplio this is the seaside town we spent two evenings at, extremely beautiful with delicious gelato and THE BEST seafood dinner I ever had (squid stuffed with tomato and mozzarella, grilled octopus…yummm)
  • Nemea Sanctuary and Stadium we got to learn about the ancient games and run the 100 meter sprint which I managed to win (GO WELLESLEY BLUE!)
  • Epidaurus one of the most amazing sanctuary sites with an enormous theater, beautifully tucked into the mountains of the Peloponnese providing lush vegetation that I hadn’t yet seen in Greece
  • Pallamidi Castle this is the Venetian castle that overlooks Nauplio
  • Mystras Byzantine site located near Ancient Sparta, this hillside location was filled with multiple Byzantine churches
  • Sparta we had our lunch at this ancient city (probably not the actual location)
  • Kalamata another seaside town, though not as quaint or pretty as Nauplio (it was devastated by an earthquake that destroyed the older architecture) it was a treat to have a rooftop breakfast with a view of the Mediterranean
  • Ancient Messene another amazing sanctuary whose theater included a trap door (however, I did prefer Epidaurus)
  • Olympia Site & Museum the site of the ancient olympics with its impressive stadium and Temple of Zeus which is a wonder of the ancient world. The museum also impressed with many statues including Hermes Bearing the Infant Dionysus and sculptures from the pediment of the Temple of Zeus
  • Kaiafa Forest and Lake another seaside trip that allowed us to walk barefoot on the beach as we learned about Greece’s ecology and current efforts made to protect its natural resources and coastlines

Author: awellesleyodyssey

Graduate of Wellesley College '17, currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation @ PennDesign

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