While brunch does not exist in Greece, a sunset “lunch” might be my new favorite meal of the week. Today myself and six other girls took the tram from Syntagma Square out to Edem. The tram is the equivalent of the subway except it is completely above ground. The ride is slow with many stops along the way which gave us a tour of southern Athens before arriving at the coast. €1,20 gives you a ticket valid for 70 minutes which you validate before getting on the metro/tram/bus/trolley. Rather than feeding your ticket into a machine or giving it to the driver, you validate your ticket so that the time and date are stamped onto it. By not validating your ticket you risk being fined 50 times its worth if you end up being randomly selected. Naturally, many Greeks don’t bother having their tickets validated if they are going a few stops on the tram, but we figured we weren’t about to risk it for such a long ride. Although the beach is on a five to ten minute taxi ride from the city center, the tram took about 30 minutes due to the many stops it makes (17 for our destination).

The tram itself was new and clean as they typically don’t allow food or drinks on public transportation. Almost all public transportation in Athens is from when they hosted the more recent Olympic games in 2004. Most of the people riding the tram did not speak to one another which is different from the usual chatter heard on the streets and inside cafes. Instead, people seemed to take the ride as a time to themselves, contemplate their day, or perhaps decide on what to eat for dinner (haha).

Our stop at Edem was the first one that let off RIGHT AT THE BEACH. We did not even have to cross the street. We picked out a beachside cafe and enjoyed our sunset “lunch” which included Greek salads, calamari, and tzatziki. In the harbor area we could see a variety of boats, a few brave swimmers (it was low 60’s at the time), and mountains in the background. We are hoping to take the tram all the way to the end of the line another day to seek out the best local beach for when the weather warms up, but I’ll take our sunset beach lunches without the bathing suits for the time being.


Author: awellesleyodyssey

Graduate of Wellesley College '17, currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Historic Preservation @ PennDesign

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